So the Fire Marshal Just Stopped By


In our last post we showed a picture of very expensive pallet racking in an high rent leas space being underutilized. Why was this? The fire marshal stopped by and ordered them to lower their stock because they did not have the proper high piled storage permit. Easy enough, they can just go down and get their permit right? Wrong. The permitting process for high pile storage is a spaghetti bowl at best and a quickly draining swimming pool at worst. That's why you need a firm like Cato Industrial Group to handle this process for you. What are your commodity classifications? What's the density of your sprinkler system? Are those vents UL listed? Where are your approved plans? Those questions and many more are needed when going through the process. Visit us today at and fill out our quick form for a free occupancy compliance audit.

Rolled up blueprints on car seat These are a few projects ready to turn in for their high pile permit placed delicately on my back seat

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